A woman attacked a pensioner in his own home, leaving him with horrifying injuries.


On March 4, a 37-year-old woman, who police said was a drug addict, broke into the man’s Birmingham home in order to steal money. The burglar also broke into two other houses on Hasbury Road in Bartley Green, robbing two more pensioners and a support worker.

Samantha McDonnell was confronted by him when she forced her way into the 87-year-old man’s home.

She then assaulted him, breaking his nose and injuring his brain, before fleeing with the pensioner’s bank card.

McDonnell even disconnected the victim’s phone during the attack to prevent him from calling for help.

Neighbors raised the alarm, and the elderly man, who had been found battered on the floor, was rushed to the hospital for treatment of his severe injuries.

The stolen items and clothes she was wearing at the time of the attack were seized by officers.

The woman appeared in court on April 28 after her arrest.

She was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison after admitting to theft, robbery, and burglary.

McDonell’s аddiction likely drove her to commit her crimes, аccording to а West Midlаnds Police spokesperson.

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