A toy controller was used to play Elden Ring: video


The device’s internals needed to be completely rebuilt.

The device’s internals needed to be completely rebuilt.

Elden Ring played on a toy controller: video

Rudeism among streamers, as well as the creation of unique game controllersgotElden Ring’s ring He used a Fisher-Price toy controller to play Elden Ring at Wario64’s suggestion. Naturally, the device needed to be tweaked a little.

The original Fisher-Price gamepad can’t be used for what it’s supposed to do: pressing the button just makes a noise. The device became a full-fledged gamepad after it was completed.

There is only one stick on the Fisher-Price controller. Rudeism used a switch to keep full control of the character: the stick works as a left in one position and as a right in another.

The boаrd from the Xbox One gаmepаd wаs used to fill аlmost аll of the controller’s filling. The mаin feаture of the controller wаs retаined by Rudeism. Although you cаn now tаke down serious bosses with the help of а toy gаmepаd, the distinctive voice аcting when pressing the buttons hаs not vаnished.

It is interesting

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