A statue of Tifa in an ambiguous pose from the Final Fantasy 7 remake highlights a new trend.


Tifa is in a decidedly equivocal pose

Cheerversion Final Fantasy 7 Remake statue in a decidedly ambiguous pose. Not only is it incredible to see her in that position, but it’s also incredible to see a very private part of her body exposed. Cloud’s Buster Sword does not appear to be placed at random.

Although the use of the original game logo, the (apparent) quality of the statue, and the price of 512 dollars (plus 113 for the naked body) suggest an original product, Square Enix has no involvement with this Tifa.

It’s basically one of the many Chinese fake statues. Not all of them are as oblique, but the general trend is to capitalize on the most well-known characters from video games and anime, emphasizing the most sexy aspects whenever possible, obviously without seeking formal permission from the copyright holders.

More photos of the statue of Tifa

The stаtue, which is only аvаilаble in limited quаntities, hаs its own pаge, аnd it’s not one of а kind, аs you cаn see by scrolling through the shop.


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