A new AMD driver increases game frame rates by up to 30%.


The company itself is predicting modest performance improvements.

The company itself is predicting modest performance improvements.

New AMD driver boosts frame rates in games by up to 30%

AMD has made a beta version of the driver available for the Radeon RX 6950, 6750, and 6650 graphics cards. The driver not only supports new cards, but it also improves performance in some games.

The increased frame rate is due to the driver’s interaction with the DirectX 11 API being optimized. According to AMD, the increase can reach 30%, but the frame rate does not increase that much on average.

Here are some examples of AMD-tested performance gains in games. Owners of Radeon RX 6000 series cards will notice a difference, but the company does not say whether other video cards will benefit.

The frame rate in other games may also increase. Specifically, according todoughCrysis remaster with new driver is 24% faster with CapFrameX.

AMD did not specify what changes were made to allow for such a significant increase in frame rate. The performance of DirectX 12 appears to be unchanged.

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