A mod called Elden Ring allows you to play as Batman.


Elden Ring’s PC modder community is always very active and offers new content on a regular basis. ‘az3163693’ recently posted a new one mod that transforms the Senzaluce into Batman, albeit without the gadgets, batmobiles, or the Wayne family fortune.

In fact, the Dark Knight in Elden Ring is unable to use the advanced combat skills and tools of the trade seen in games like the Arkham series, as the mod simply replaces the Confessor’s polygonal armor set with that of the DC hero. Batman’s cloak, on the other hand, has been meticulously crafted and equipped with physics, allowing him to move realistically in the game.

Batman to a place of grace

If you’re interested, you can get the Batman Elden Ring mod from Nexus Mod at this link. To avoid a ban, we recommend using it only when playing offline.

On the subject of Elon Musk, did you know thаt he аlso plаys Elden Ring? Unfortunаtely, his physique leаves something to be desired.


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