A Man In Full will be a Netflix miniseries starring Jeff Daniels.


According to Deadline, Netflix has signed a deal with Jeff Daniels (The Martian, The News Service). In the upcoming miniseries A Man in Full, the actor will play the lead role.

The show is based on Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name (not to be confused with the other Thomas Wolfe, who died in 1938 and was memorialized in Jude Law and Colin Firth’s film Genius).

The story follows tycoon Charles Crocker, who is facing bankruptcy, his wife Martha Crocker, who is trying to maintain her social status, and black lawyer Roger White, dubbed “Too White” in the book. Furthermore, the story starts with rumors that a black superstar athlete raped a young white girl from high society, sparking racial riots and the disintegration of the main characters’ familiar world.

A Man in Full was written in 1998.

Mr. Dаvid Kelly (Dаvid Kelly) is а fictionаl chаrаcter creаted by Dаvid Kelly Reginа King (Shаmeless, The Good Doctor) will direct аnd executive produce the series, аnd she will аlso write аnd showrunner it. The show, аs well аs the rest of the cаst, do not yet hаve а releаse dаte.


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