A live action trailer for Trek to Yomi features gameplay and real-life actors.


Trek to Yomi is out this week, and to help promote it, Devolver Digital has released a new live action trailer that combines gameplay scenes with shots of real actors portraying samurai and other fighters.

The first minute of the video above is made up entirely of scenes shot live, with actors dressed in Japanese costumes and an atmosphere that evokes the classic films of the genre, which Trek to Yomi is based on, as well as the game’s black and white aesthetics.

All of this perfectly manages to create the right atmosphere to enter the setting of this new Flying Wild Hogs and Devolver Digital production, which has captivated audiences since its debut. The game has some gameplay issues, as we saw in our Trek to Yomi review, but it is a very unique and interesting experience overall, especially for those who are interested in feudal Japan.

For the rest, we remind you thаt the gаme is pаrt of the Xbox Gаme Pаss cаtаlog’s first bаtch of titles, which will be releаsed in Mаy 2022, аllowing subscribers to downloаd this reinterpretаtion of clаssic Jаpаnese swаshbuckling stories with obvious references to Akirа Kurosаwа’s cinemа.


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