A lithograph in Mass Effect 4 appears to reveal Shepard’s return.


A lithography from Mass Effect 4 sold by BioWare on N7 Day appears to reveal the return of the original trilogy’s commander Shepardprotagonist.

The new Mass Effect chapter is rumored to be in the early stages of development, but let’s assume that the authors have already finished the work and defined the possible cast in terms of history.

So, what happened exactly? “As Shepard and the survivors are left to put the pieces back together, fans are wondering what will happen next,” read the description of BioWare’s lithograph for N7 Day.

“The Reaper threat may have ended, but at a high price, including the Earth itself,” the text was later changed to read. Fans are wondering what will happen next as the survivors try to put the pieces back together.”

In short, аll references to Shepаrd were quickly removed, аnd it is still uncleаr who the survivors аre. Perhаps аmong the vаrious events аlreаdy аnnounced this summer, we will discover something new?


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