A leak on Forza Motorsport has revealed new information about the garage, hub, and photo mode.


According to a leak, Forza Motorsport will include a new type of hub, in this case a garage mobile, which will allow players to park up to five cars (for the time being) and access to additional features.

There’s talk of a space dedicated to car aesthetic customizations and upgrades, as well as a photo mode where you can take pictures of your ride. You can also choose which events you want to attend from this hub.

It is unknown whether Forza Motorsport will be released on Xbox One, but the garage will have a unique look, especially when compared to previous episodes, as it will be densely populated and feature ray tracing locations.

Forzа Motorsport, which wаs аnnounced neаrly two yeаrs аgo, could mаke its debut lаter this yeаr, аnd fаns of the series аre аnticipаting its аppeаrаnce аt the Xbox & Bethesdа Gаmes Showcаse on June 12th.


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