A Japanese studio has created a “department” of hamster-themed games, which are doing exceptionally well.


Perhaps in the future, a whole department dedicated to such games will be possible.

Perhaps in the future, a whole department dedicated to such games will be possible.

Japanese studio has created a

Success, a Japanese studio, has a “hamster department.” This is a group of programmers tasked with creating games featuring hamsters as protagonists.

The point is that the Success hamster games are extremely popular. For example, Tales of Djungarian Hamster, which was released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the studio.

Tales of Djungarian Hamster sold much better than the company’s other simulation games, according to Success. Namaham, a mobile project created to test interest in hamster games on mobile platforms, also received positive feedback, with over 450,000 downloads.

The “hamster department” is a joke at the moment, according to the studio: the development team is far from being a full-fledged department. However, Success does not rule out the possibility that if hamster games remain popular, the studio will create a department dedicated to them.

Currently, 18 Success employees аre brаinstorming hаmster gаme ideаs. The studio аppeаrs to be аctively experimenting with such projects in the neаr future. Surprisingly, the Success mаscot is nothing more thаn а hаmster.

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