A humorous short film depicting an Elden Ring speedrun from the perspective of an NPC.


This appears to be a reference to the minute-long record passage.

This appears to be a reference to the minute-long record passage.

Elden Ring speedrun shown from NPC point of view in humorous short film

The speedrunners were looking for more and more glitches as they tried to speed up the passage of Elden Ring as much as possible, moving either beneath or above the world. What did all of this look like from the perspective of ordinary Interearthers?

The answer can be found in a funny short film by YouTuber Jonkari P about one such speedrun. The YouTuber refers to the Distortion2 speedruns as a source of inspiration, but based on the rate at which they pass, we are talking about the world record.

Jonkari P, unfortunately, did not reveal how the video was made. Elden Ring provides a significant portion of the assets, but based on the bugs, the models from the game were probably imported somewhere else – perhaps into Source Filmmaker or another similar application.

It is interesting

Unreаl Engine is being used to recreаte Need for Speed Underground 2: video


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