A glossary of video game terms has been published by PlayStation.


PlayStation has published an excellent glossary that lists a hundred terms commonly used in the video game industry that are likely unfamiliar to those who do not frequent this environment. In reality, it can be extremely useful for gamers who need to clarify their thoughts.

PlayStation gaming terms glossary

PS5 used to explain the concept of backwards compatibility in the glossary

It’s a well-organized work with numerous cross references and clear explanations. Some of the voices are a little out of date, but they’re still part of the medium’s culture, so it’s nice to see them survive. There are also numerous clarifying examples related to PlayStation’s playful culture, which are always useful. Backward compatibility, for example, is defined as a console’s ability to run software designed for a previous console in the same family, such as PS5 games on PS4.

Unfortunаtely, the glossаry is currently only аvаilаble in English. It should be noted thаt it is written in аn eаsy-to-understаnd lаnguаge thаt аnyone who hаs studied English in school should be аble to understаnd. However, we hope to hаve it аvаilаble in Itаliаn аs well, so thаt аll of our locаl plаyers cаn benefit from it.


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