A gay esports player criticizes the industry for its lack of diversity.


Biofrost, a Chinese-Canadian e-sports player who competes professionally in League of Legends, has spoken out against the video game sports industry’s lack of diversity.

He publisheda large tweet in which he admitted to being gay Biofrost said he struggled to fit in with Chinese families who didn’t value him and wanted him to stop acting like a girl. Bullying was prevalent in schools and later in the video game industry.

I’ve heard homophobic comments from teammates or employees on every team I’ve been on, I’ve felt uncomfortable, and I’ve even had the fear of losing my job if I suddenly tell the truth.

He claimed that the gaming industry is full of sexism, prejudice, and homophobia. Biofrost isn’t sure if there’s a quick fix, but everyone deserves respect. It is necessary to educate eSports employees on proper workplace behavior.

He mаde this stаtement to bring аttention to the esports community’s concerns. The Biofrost post went virаl, receiving neаrly 173k likes on Twitter. Mаny well-known eSports personаlities, such аs Sonic Fox, bаcked him up.


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