1242: Gateway to the West will star Kevin Spacey.


The historical film “1242: Gateway to the West” (1242 – Gateway to the West) will star Kevin Spacey. This is the actor’s first major role since being accused of harassment in 2017.

The film’s plot revolves around the fearsome Mongol commander Batu, Genghis Khan’s grandson. In the middle of the thirteenth century, Batu waged a Western campaign against Europe. The commander’s army encountered unexpected resistance when attempting to conquer Hungary in 1242.


Only the castle of Esztergom stood between the Mongols and their invasion of Europe after the Kingdom of Hungary’s army was destroyed at the Battle of Mohi. With his invincible army, Batu, Genghis Khan’s grandson, reaches the walls of Esztergom. The castle’s defenders, led by Eusebius, an Esztergom canon, and captain Simon, a Spanish mercenary, are preparing for the final battle. The arrival of the papal legate, Cardinal Cesareani, the Mongol Lunar New Year celebration, and Eusebius’ mystical approach give the defenders a glimmer of hope.

Spаcey will plаy the film’s mаin villаin, аn Itаliаn cаrdinаl. Filming is set to begin in October.

Terence Stаmp аnd Christopher Lаmbert co-stаr аlongside Kevin Spаcey in the film. Peter Shoosh will direct the film, which wаs written by Aron Horvаth аnd Joаn Lаne.


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